Access Windows NTFS howto

Follow on from Remote SSH to LiveCD howto.

Create ssh tunnel to ssh proxy

If needed

Username is your normal username to this ssh proxy server.

ssh -vNL 19023:localhost:19022 youruser@servername

SSH to remote pc

Username is the one you created for remote ssh tunnel to ssh proxy server.

ssh ubuntu@localhost -p 19023

Accept if prompted to trust the connection

Enter remote pc password

Find NTFS partition

List partitions available.

ls /dev/hd* /dev/sd*

The ones enting on a number is the ones to try

Mount disk

sudo mkdir /mnt/windows
sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /mnt/windows

Where hda1 was the partition you found, change appropiatly.

Check if this is the windows partiotion

ls /mnt/windows

If not do command below and repeat steps above for another partition

sudo umount /mnt/windows

Real work

Now do real work on windows NTFS disk.
What I needed it for was to fix corrupted windows registry on a family pc.
So I followed these guides:


You need to unmount the disk

sudo umount /mnt/windows
sudo rmdir /mnt/windows

Then exit remote pc, and close local tunnel to ssh proxy

If you did this to a remote pc remember to close remote tunnel, disable ssh passwords on the proxy if used.


Ivar Abrahamsen

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