Remote SSH to LiveCD howto

Why: Because of corruputed Windows registry in family pc.
So need to move registry files on NTFS partition.
Follow on tutorial to accomplish that.

1. Physical start

1.1. Download ubuntu desktop x86 iso from
1.2. Burn download ubuntu ISO image to a cd.
1.3. plug a network cable into the broken pc.
1.4.* pop the cd into the broken pc.
1.5. turn on the broken pc.

2.* Boot Menu
2.1 Keyboard
2.1.1. Press F3 to be prompted for keyboard language
2.1.2. Find UK english with cursor keys.
2.1.3. Press enter to select it.
2.2. Boot selection.
2.2.1. Make sure to top line of the text menu is highligted and press enter on to boot up ubuntu linux.
2.2.2.* Wait up to 10mins as it boots.

3.  Install SSH

3.1. Press CTRL+ALT+F1 hard a few times.
3.2. you should get a black screen with a command line prompt.
3.2.1.* type:        sudo apt-get install ssh-server
3.2.2. Set a password type:     passwd hit enter when prompted for old password as the old one was empty enter a new password enter the same password again Tell me the password created.

4. Starting remote SSH tunnel

4.1. Change USERNAME below to emailed username. Change SERVERNAME to emailed servername
    type: ssh -Nv -R  19022:localhost:22   USERNAME@SERVERNAME
4.2. If prompted for confirmation that you trust the server. type Yes
4.3.* Enter emailed password for the server

5. Do whatever remote actions needed.

6. When finished

6.1. Stopping remote ssh server tunnel
6.1.1 Press CTRL+C a few times to kill the ssh tunnel.
6.2. Shutdown
6.2.1. type sudo halt

Possible problems
1.4. To insert the CD, you may need to switch the pc on open cd drive, pop it in, and switch the pc off again.
2. Sometimes the CD is not set as available boot medium, you need to change the BIOS boot preference.
2.2.2. Sometimes the CD does not start the Ubuntu live CD GUI properly. This is not a problem, as we are not interested in it. Once it tries it is basically ready to switch to Screen1 where we use the command prompt.
3.2.1. If on a corporate network. you need to enter the proxy you use as well.
    Swap IP and PORT below for whatever value your network proxy uses.
    Type export http_proxy=http://IP:PORT
4.3. If the server is set to not accept password over ssh, but perhaps ssh key, you need to temporarily allow passwords again on the server.


Ivar Abrahamsen

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 England & Wales License.