I have created a generic ant build script,
	which standard build and distribute targets.
	And also JUnit testing,
	as well as tomcat integration,
	and also some basic data persistance targets.

	Basic build.xml as created by netbeans.
	Sets the property for location of xml and properties files.

	Imports common.xml,
	the main generic ant build script.

	It imports,
	where all changes should be done.

	These are pretty outdated. But may be usefull.
	Hopefully ill have time to sanitise my current sets of ant scripts
	into something I can put on here.
	Basically the newer ones, seperete different staging / deployment servers,
	from dev to test to live, and do do db back, offsite copy and restore.
	It integrates more with subversion, netbeans and eclipse 
	and probably do too much at the moment.