flurdy's license of respect

Version: 0.3α
Also known as 'Respect', 'Respect License', 'License of Respect'.
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Facilitating the use of other licenses while still suggesting how to apply them. Thus hoping to avoid creating 'yet another license', while still respecting the contributors work.

Therefore you are not require to follow any of these suggestions, but you must however abide by the requirements of the underlaying license.

Underlaying license

The work associated with this license should specify what is the underlaying license.

If non are specified the default license is:

It is quite restrictive so most work use one of these licenses:

You must obey/abide/respect the underlaying license.

The Creative Commons licenses are flexible and simpler to read, but not open source and not designed for software. The Gnu ones are more 'free', but more pedantic and militant.

You may refer to anything licensed with flurdy's license of respect, as only licensed by the underlaying license.


The underlaying license will tell you how to behave legally.

This document will advice you on behaving ethically.

The suggestions are meant to assist people in understanding how the creator would like you to apply the license. And how you can assist others and the creator by respecting these suggestions.

Those who respect these suggestions will be celebrated.

Those who ignore these suggestions may be shunned, cursed a bit, or just responsible for a sigh.


If this work is software related, please consider the license to cover both the source code and the compiled results.


The underlaying license usually define what type of attribution is required.
This is however how the creator expect you to attribute the work covered by this license.


The underlaying license may disallow or dictate how you should distribute this work, and any modification or extensions you build upon and interact with it.

For a license that require you to share your work based on this work, this is how the creator would like you to share it.

Even where sharing is not a requirement, then these are strong suggestions.


Donations are not required, but they are appreciated.

If you market and attribute well, share and contribute back a lot of work, then that more than compensates for donations.

If you found this work usefull, then compensating the creators time and supporting further work will benefit you as well.

While donations for private individual are not expected, commercial organisation, should consider the value this work contributes to their operation.


Disclaimer: This was not written by a lawyer, but the Creative Commons or the Free Software Organisation can assist in legal matters.

This is an early version, hence the alpha version state, so some details will be more clearer defined in later versions. Comments, discussions and suggestions are appreciated.

Unless fully released the author reserves the right to make minor changes to this license version.
Fully released versions require new version number if any changes are made.

The online version of this is at flurdy.com/docs/license/respect/.

Creative Commons License The license text itself is licensed under
a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 England & Wales License.